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Real new generation cryptos must be asset backed!

With blockchain and the newest technologies, this is achievable:


Digital Currency + Digital Asset + Digital Utility

In One

eTolar connects all these worlds!

Cryptocurencies, digital coins, tokens etc. can serve not only as digital currency
(as a payment instrument)
but also as digital assets.
I.E. cryptos may also represent tangible assets such as precious metals
and other commodities,
real estates, shares in hedge funds, shares in start-ups and other cryptos,
antiques, collectors' items, etc.

Briefly: eTolar is asset backed digital token.

We are ready-to-go product.

In addition to that, eTolar has several developmental offshoots:

A social media platform and marketplace 
where enthusiasts become professionals

A social media platform where content creators:
writers, educators, encyclopedists, photographers, hobbyists,
DIYers, casual sellers etc. will be paid in crypto for their content creation.

Business operations and cryptocurrency circulation will be funded
by advertising revenues

Social media & Crypto
Business Intelligence

Decentralized Business Intelligence Platform


A platform with distributed apps that analyze markets, prices,
discounts, sell-offs,
insurance premiums and so on.

Apps operators will be rewarded with crypto
for their provided CPU time.

operations and cryptocurrency circulation will be financed by merchants.


With eTolar you enjoy a number of projects at once.


  Current price for 1 eTolar token (ETL) = $0.0065
i.e. $1 = 154 eTolar tokens (ETL)
The minimum order during the pre-sale period is $100 equivalent.
Join eTolar ICO
with 35 % bonus

How to join ICO

Basically you can swap falling old generation cryptos for rising new generation eTolar.

We accept the ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC and another 8 cryptocurrencies. We also accept bank wire transfers.

Sale periods, prices and discounts

 ICO Phase

 Sales period  (GMT times)

 Price for 1 eTolar token (ETL)

 Discount rate

 Number of eTolar tokens per $1


 June 21 - July 15


 35 %

  154 ETL

 Phase I.

 July 16 - July 29


 20 %

 125 ETL

 Phase II.

 July 30 - August 20


 10 %

 111 ETL

 Phase III.

 August 21 - September 16



 100 ETL

eTolar (ETL) token contract address - view at EtherScan: 0xA1231B4F75F96BEB52E1BD6AD482D9DC6d71C464
Note: This is not a payment address

Total supply 8 000 000 000 coins. All unsold coins will be burned.

For pre-sale and each phase is reserved max 25% of the quantity available for sale.


The vast majority of old generation cryptos were designed to have zero intrinsic value.

These older cryptocurrencies are backed by nothing.

For comparison: Stocks on stock exchanges are backed by the company's property,

typically 20 - 40% relative to stock price.

Fiat currencies are usually backed by the IOUs.


  Asset backed
  As these old generation cryptocurrencies are backed by nothing,
the Swiss administration
has reflected this fact and recognizes
3 classes of cryptos and their hybrids:
  1) Payment tokens (i.e.: Digital currency)
2) Asset tokens (i.e.: Digital asset)
3) Utility tokens (i.e.: Digital utility - publishers tokens, train/parking/concert tickets, club membership etc.)

eTolar is a combination of the above mentioned classes



Hedge Funds & Exchanges Today, transferring hedge funds shares
is typically a slow and
costly process.


Hedge funds do not yet exploit the potential of blockchain, cryptos and new technologies.

It's the TRILION MARKET that awaits innovation.


Hedge Funds - Global

Evolution of social media

Some social media sell personal data of users,

are heavily biased, performs shadowbanning

and are not in a hurry with the introduction of cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, other social media

want to pay cryptocurrency to content creators and protect personal data.


Evolution of social media


Which business model is likely to attract more writers, sellers and advertisers?

That's the right moment to change some monopolies!




Token distribution  


  Tokens distribution
85 %  for sale
5 %  for eTolar founders 
3 %  for SW developers and team members 
6 %  for marketing purposes 
1 %  for educational foundation 
   All unsold tokens will be burned


  Asset allocation

Reserve fund
Real estates
Shares in other projects
Collectibles and movables

20 %

Asset allocation


  Note: Depending on the total amount of proceeds in absolute terms, the specific percentages may vary, which means the amount of funds after taxes, bank wire and other fees, IT and common operating costs.


Reservation of tokens Reservations of tokens for each sale phase

Phase I.
Phase II.
Phase III.

25 %


For pre-sale and each phase is reserved max 25% of the quantity available for sale.

  Current price for 1 eTolar token (ETL) = $0.0065
i.e. $1 = 154 eTolar tokens (ETL)
The minimum order during the pre-sale period is $100 equivalent.
Join eTolar ICO
with 35 % bonus




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