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500 Free Tokens & 5,000 Tokens for Comment
  Anyone who will request 500 free eTolar tokens will receive them during the day into the specified wallet address.

The limit is 500 tokens per one person.

You can request via Telegram or Signal:

The purpose of the 500 free token marketing action is to demonstrate to the holders of the old generation currencies the technical superiority of a new blockchain technology with transaction execution time 3-5 seconds.

For novices - TRON wallets:

5000 eTolar Tokens for Comment
Everyone who tests the reliability and transaction execution time of eTolar tokens and writes a positive post or comment (about their eTolar experience) to any relevant discussion (FB cryptos group/community, cryptos news website etc.) will receive a reward of 5,000 eTolar tokens.

The 5,000 Tokens reward is for a longer, high-quality positive post or comment.

For a positive average grade post or comment, 3,000 eTolar tokens are rewarded.

In order to send a reward, please send us a link to your comment (or send us a printscreen) and send us your TRON wallet address.

You can request a reward via Telegram or Signal:

One reminder:

The cryptocurrency, which will become the most widely used and popular, will get into this position through the use in the social media.
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