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EN  CZ  SK  PL As of Feb 22, 2018 18:00 GMT, volume in circulation: 67.342.000 ETL

In the early 1990s, several world-famous economists predicted that the currencies of various organizations would compete
with traditional national currencies in the future.

These predictions has been fulfilled and the digital currencies of mysterious inventor and various organizations have become
a phenomenon of recent years.

eTolar digital currency has
3 different formats:
- eTolar as SMS
- eTolar as Signal app message
- eTolar tokens in the Ethereum

Each of these forms has different advantages.

Increasing the value of the entire project increases the eTolar sales prices every 3 to 4 weeks.


You can get 1,000 eTolars for free.

Simply send the text: ETL
via Signal Private Messenger to Signal number: +420728571681

You will receive 1,000 eTolars free of charge during the day via Signal app.

You do not pay anything.

The offer is valid for the first 50 people every day and 1,000 eTolars overall for one Signal number.

Signal from Open Whisper Systems is available for Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Linux.
It is equipped with automatic end-to-end encryption, it is very secure and free of charge.

Signal is downloadable
on Google Play and here


For those interested in more eTolars, we opened online store:

Digital currencies do not serve
to finance government budget deficits. This is one of the many reasons why the cryptocurrencies are thriving.

For example, Bitcoin was sold
at $0.01 and is trading at $9,900 today.

Schedule of selling prices
(10,000 eTolars):
02/2018: 6 € / £5.4
02-03/2018: 8.5 € / £7.5
03/2018: 10 € / £8.8
04/2018: 15 € / £13.33
05/2018: 20 € / £17.7
06/2018: 24 € / £21
i.e. price for 1 eTolar:

02/2018: 0.0006€/£0.00054
03/2018: 0.0010€/£0.00088
04/2018: 0.0015€/£0.00133
05/2018: 0.0020€/£0.00177
06/2018: 0.0024€/£0.0021