A step-by-step guide (for novices in the cryptocurrencies):


How to create a new eTolar compatible wallet and participate in eTolar ICO

  In order to receive eTolar tokens you need an TRON network wallet.
The most popular wallet is an online TRON wallet - it's a secure wallet because it does not store your
You can also use other wallets for desktop and mobile phones: https://tron.network/wallet


1. Go to www.tronscan.org
2. Click on "OPEN WALLET"  (in the top-right corner)
3. Click on "CREATE WALLET"
4 Enter a new password - it's important to mark password on paper and lock it in the vault etc.
5. Click on "NEXT"
7. Save your downloaded file and make backup to USB Flash, etc.
8. Click on "NEXT"
9. Click the copy icon next to your new private key, paste it into notepad and make a backup on USB Flash etc.
Print paper wallet and lock it in the armor safe.
10. Click on "NEXT"
11. Click on "GO TO ACCOUNT PAGE"
12. Now you can see the address of your wallet. You may send it to us via Telegram or Signal or you may copy it into an order form in our specialized internet store www.shop2.cz
13. If you want to make a payment or send someone tokens or you need to see the QR code of your wallet,
click on "WALLET" in the top-right corner
14. Now you can send TRX from your cryptoexchange wallet to your new wallet here at TronScan
15. Once you have an TRX, you can send it to eTolar ICO admin address:

TRX admin

16. eTolar ICO admin sees the wallet address of each contributor (sender), however admin needs to make sure
your wallet is not a cryptoexchange's wallet that does not see tokens.

For this reason, please send a message to our admin (via Telegram, Signal Messaging or e-mail) with:
  - your wallet address to receive tokens (e.g. your TronScan online wallet address)
- we also need the wallet address of the sender - for payment assignment (your wallet address from which you sent TRX)
  Or note this in your order in the internet store.
  Note: A similar procedure also applies if you send one of the other cryptos.
17. During the day, you will receive an adequate amount of eTolar tokens

You can discuss eTolar ICO in detail:

Telegram: https://t.me/eTolar
Signal: +420728571681
E-mail: info@eTolar.org