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      eTolar Project - Team Members  
In highest management positions (chairman, executive director) since 1990: WEBshop, DHC, Leavia leasing
IT, e-commerce, analysis of digital currencies since 1998
    Chief operations officer, e-commerce, property insurance:
WEBshop, CSOB pojistovna, Direct pojistovna
Economic & monetary analysis
    In highest management positions (executive director) since 2005:
Health Efekt, Taybo, Amazing World

E-commerce, logistics, management science
    In highest management positions (executive director) since 2004:
Ceska pojistovna, Real Prosperity

Insurance, e-commerce, statistical, probability & A.I. analysis
    e-commerce development, big data, storage systems
Ruukki, Lanit 
    e-commerce, web app development
IT Stream, Smart Office, 4Consult
    System developer, big data analysis
    Executive assistant, e-commerce
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